5 things that should not be given to anyone

Lending is a very bad thing, we also know this thing. But it may also be murderous, you may also be aware of this fact. But today we will tell you how to lend or give someone some time to use some things, how can you take your life? So let's know what is the 5 things that should not be given to anyone.

1. Towel

Do not ever let anyone use your towel because it may be. If you are giving your towel to use it, from a small plump to a heavy disease or if you use it on your private parts, such a disease can also come to you. Those who are aware of him as well as he has also known you, therefore think of giving towels only after thinking.

2. Cosmetic accessories and razors

Men should not give cosmic accessories mainly to anyone by combining razors and other women in men. Because it allows anyone's skin or bacterial infection to reach one another and give bigger disease.

3. Helmet

Never let anyone use your helmet because the helmets on the head get stuck in it too many such germs and bacteria stick. The person who is in the hair and he reaches you.

4. Earphone

Nobody puts his earrings in his ears in the ear. So it will not take much time for your ears to reach your ears. So do not share your earphone with anyone.

5. Lipstick

Lipsticks and lipgloss are used both on lips and transmitted from lips to STD disease. So do not forget also share it. 

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