Bigg Boss 11, Bandgi Kalra bags a Bollywood movie?

If you discover the history of Big Boss, you will find that this show has opened the doors of the fate of many people. Yes, through this show where many people started getting new projects, then the faces entering the Common Man were seen joining the show. Talking about this season, there have been reports of many contests coming out of the house so far that they have got some offers from Bollywood. Let me tell you that there is some similar news coming about the bandgi.

Yes, if you think of a report of India Forum, then the Bandgi has a big project too. This movie, offered to bandgi, is a big banner and if media reports are noticed, the bandgi will be seen in the role of a radio jockey in this movie. At present, the film has not started yet and the work is going on. It is being told that the shooting of the movie will start soon. What's the matter is that the bandgi you have hit a chowk on the spot that Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde, sitting in the house, will be chilly?

Even though the bandgi has not got the chance to go ahead in this show, thanks to the show, the doors of his fate have opened well. Talking about the journey of the bandgi in Bigg Boss house, the close proximity of Punish Sharma with his close friends got a lot of headlines. Many people restricted this relationship of bandgi and Punish to the camera only, but when coming out of the house, Bandagi made the statement that the family of Punish has adopted her love. At the moment, you can tell us in the comments box that how much excitement you are to see the bandgi on the film screen soon?

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