Can you recognize Dhoom actor Uday Chopra in this latest photo?

In Bollywood, there is a huge hand of fortune as well, because the opportunities are met, but it will become a flashing star or a drowning star decides his fate. There was some such film career, the young owner of Yash Raj Banner, actor Uday Chopra, who wanted to act, but the audience did not like it.

Uday Chopra, who was working as a producer at the best production house of Bollywood, Yash Raj Banner, started his career successfully.

Say Uday Chopra is celebrating his 45th birthday on January 5. Uday Chopra is one of the stars of the industry which sparkles for some time and then disappears. The role of a romantic hero in the movie 'Mohabbatein', 18 years ago, still admires the audience. Uday Chopra, who appeared in the three series of the hit film "Dhoom", was able to make a different identity besides the other stars in the film. But Diana Udai Chopra's look of Rani Mukherjee, who is fit in these films, has changed so much that it is difficult to identify. Recently, some of his photographs were very viral on social media, after seeing that his fans would have broken heart, who were fond of his fit body and abuser.

In fact, Uday Chopra was seen walking out of the house of actor Imran Hashmi in the last days. In these photographs, Uday Chopra looks very old and his weight has also increased significantly. Their beard and hair are also white. There are several types of reactions coming out on their social media.

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