Comedy Queen Bharti Singh did so much less weight

Look at any girl nowadays everybody tries to do their best to fit their fat. Everyone wants to carry a zero-sized figure so that he can wear good clothes. People can get attracted towards him. Something like this has been shown by all the laughing and tickling Bharti Singh.

As you all know that a few days ago, they got married to Harsh Leungchia, Bharti Singh and his old friend. Both of them have been tied in the sacred bond of marriage at the moment and Bharti Singh had decided that soon he would lose his weight shortly before marriage. Therefore, even before marriage, he had lost weight of 10 kg.

Of course, Bharti Singh used to work in any comedy serial. Everyone in that comedy serials used to make fun of their obesity. She did not take her seriously, but she herself used to make fun of herself. He told in an interview that he had already lost his weight of 10 kg. First, he weighed 85 kg. Now their weight has reached 75 kg.
After listening to this, now every girl will have to think that what Bharti did at the end of the day, due to which her weight decreased so fast. We are going to tell you how the Bharti Singh lost its weight. Bharti Singh told in an interview that he did not do anything special. Just reduce your weight by making green tea.

Fan following of Bharti Singh was already so much but since he has lost his weight, he has started to look even more glamorous and beautiful. Because of which, their fan follow-up day is increasing day by day.

She is very happy with Bharti and her husband Harsh and they got a pre-wedding photo shoot before getting married. The pictures of which people liked so much. The pair of both of which looked very good. She looked very beautiful with her changed weight and with light.
As you all know that Indian is a resident of Punjab and Harsh belongs to Gujarat. Both of them were married in Punjab a few days ago and their reception was held in Goa.

People were also thinking about why Bharti Singh kept her reception in Goa, the reason being that most of the Indian's friends live in Mumbai. And Goa is close to Mumbai and the most romantic place for reception is the same. That's why the Indian kept his reception there. Both of them are currently enjoying their married life and putting their new photos on social media every day.

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