Do you know these 2 secret works from the sensors of smartphones

Nowadays the smartphone has been running quite a lot. Do the old men get to see the smartphones in their hands? In such a case, one of the company's new features is being made to make the smartphone even smarter. One such feature is about to tell you today that all the smartphones are there. We are talking about the smartphone sensor, so you can do 2 types of the secret which you will not know about.

Many secret works from smartphone sensors

With this help,you can save the phone's battery and data. For this, you have to download a small 22KB app on the phone. Its name is Proximity Service. After installing it the phone you can do a lot of work from the phone sensor.

This app needs to be downloaded from Google Play Store. It has been rated 4.5. This app works in version 4 or above. Two shells are formed on top of the phone screen. The same phone has a sensor.

1. After downloading this app from the Play Store, after you tap on the Open. These apps become active.

2. Now if you want to hear the sound on YouTube, just listen to the audio and turn off the video, put the hand on the phone's sensor. Now you will only hear audio. The screen will be off You can also keep some piece of paper on the sensor. This will save both your phone's data and more battery.

3. After several times we talk about the phone, put the phone in the pocket without off the screen. By which any app is open and starts running. This eliminates the data and battery and you do not even know. But after downloading this app, as soon as the phone is in the pocket, the phone will turn off the screen. Because, as soon as something comes on the sensor, the screen is off.

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