From Clevelz to 'Padmavati', Deepika controversies, see photos

Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone has seen many ups and downs in her career of more than 10 years. Today, Deepika is 32 years old.

From personal life to professionalism, Deepika has a lot of controversies. But the specific thing about each controversy is that many Deepika have any controversy
Did not allow themselves to dominate. We are telling you about some of the controversies of Deepika Padukone who have made a lot of headlines.

In 2014, news about the Clevel of Deepika Padukone on the Leading Newspaper website. Microblogging site Twitter Deepika expressed her opposition. Deepika, while sharing a screenshot of the news, is reportedly the country's leading newspaper! Is this news?

Deepika later tweeted, 'Yes I am a woman, I have breast and cleaves too, is it a problem for you?' Deepika Padukone has always been very bold about her relationships. Deepika had openly adopted both Ranbir Kapoor and his friend for his affair.

After this Deepika's name is also associated with Siddharth Mallya. Although this time Deepika Padukone has never spoken openly about this relationship, Siddharth Mallya had stamped this in an interview given to a TV channel.

Deepika Padukone is among those Guinean actresses who seem to talk about her weaknesses. Deepika spoke openly about her depression in an interview and explained how she fought against it and raised herself. Deepika told how she had become a victim of depression and how she crossed this difficult phase of her life.

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