Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez behaving like 'lovesick school kids'

Hollywood celebrity singer Justin Bieber and singer Celina Gomez are once again fond of headlines. If they believe in news, they are once again seen to be treating each other as behaving like schoolchildren. According to sources, both of the friends say that both of them are already more romantic in love than ever before.

One source said, "They are looking like children who are submerged in love." Apart from this, he said, "Both want to repeat mistakes like before, so they are guiding Karl, they love each other and want best for each other."
In the past, Celina was seen walking alongside the Justin Bieber for the second time and would like to tell that according to the online, they both went out of Celina's house on a bike and walked far away. Justin was driving bikes and singing fast songs, as well as Justin fasting, his hands were also dancing on the bike, Celina was not able to stop her laughing and protect herself from falling from the bike. Was trying to

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