Salman's brother-in-law mourns extremely expensive, house tariff is more than the price of slippers

Mumbai: There is a variant of this type of B-Town that the star is wearing expensive clothes. It is often seen that Bollywood celebrities wear clothes of their favourite brands. Regardless of why those garments cost millions of rupees.

From Priyanka Chopra to Kareena Kapoor, all the big stars appear for expensive clothes and accessories. Now another celebrity comes out, whose clothes are not rags but chappals are raging. This is none other, Salman Khan's Jeeja is Ayush Sharma.

AYUSH is the son of Delhi based Politician and is now preparing for entry in Bollywood. Their royal life is not hidden from anyone. AYUSH has recently been spotted out of his house. During this, he was wearing a tracksuit. Along with the stylish slippers wore. These slippers of Gucci brand's red colour are worth more than your 2 bhk house rent. Yes, these slippers cost Rs 24 thousand. In such a case, a smartphone can also be purchased.

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