The last episode of Big Boss 11. is the disclosure of the winner!

The Big Boss 11 is watching the viewers of the last weekend a war. Next week is Grand Finale of this season and it will be announced who is the eleventh winner of the Big Boss. But today, viewers are trending on the name of the winners of this season. And that name is Vikas Gupta.

Yes, fans are trending on twitter that Bigg Boss 11 has the right to Vikas Gupta. Not only that, Fan's follow-up of Vikas is tremendous.

Winner will be announced next week, but now we give you 10 reasons why Vikas Gupta is capable of becoming a winner of Big Boss 11 by all means -

True friends

Vikas Gupta is a true friend. From the beginning to the end he played his friendship in the season. Whether it is against Punish and Bandgi or Priyank Sharma Even if their friend, they have been cheated.

Every task turns over

There is no task, no matter what the task is, Vikas Gupta will turn her back. Recently, it was announced that Vikas Gupta is the person who has won the most task in the Big Boss season till today.

Have a brain

If God has given the mind then it will be run. Vikas Gupta also does the same. Each day, every hour he has started his mind in the game in the best possible way.

No quarrel

To date, Vikas Gupta himself has not started any quarrel in this house. Even those who had targeted them, Vikas Gupta did not take the fight to a different level.

Everyone did your side

Vikas Gupta has made every member of the house his side. And there was a time when the whole house had been on their side.

Shilpa like

She has survived like Shilpa Shinde. Every turtler, bad thing from every evil And in the end, he also did Shilpa Shinde on his side.


Whatever happens, Vikas Gupta never left his civilization at home. Nor did the women stop showing up. They helped to give a different direction to Arshi.

Big Boss moves faster than brain

Vikas Gupta's mind goes exactly like the Big Boss moves. Whatever is going to happen, Vikas Gupta does something very wrong.

Want to make the show a hit

Vikas Gupta has always played in the best interests of the show. They know how the game of TRP is and they have every reason to think about what the camera will look like on the show.

Passion to win

Vikas Gupta has the passion to win inside, but he has never forgotten his tame and tahjib if he did not win or live, he is already a winner.

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