The world's most expensive liquor was stolen, so was the price

The world's most expensive liquor has been stolen. The occurrence of this theft is becoming very viral on social media. Tehelka has grown in the city since the horrific case of the theft in Denmark. Denmark's cafe 33 holds one of the world's expensive liquor collections.

Some alcohols are kept here only for viewing, including the world's most expensive vodka bottle russo baltic vodka made by Russian company Dartz Motorz. The price of this wine bottle stolen from Denmark's 'Café 33' is worth 8.25 crores ($ 1.3 million). Which has been considered the world's most expensive liquor?

Since the theft of the bottle, the police has begun an investigation to arrest the thieves. The Danish police officer has said that it is difficult to say that in the 'Café 33' the thieves had broken the café's locks or had opened the keys to steal. Then the recent Danish police have taken a video hand. Which is being investigated.

The cafe owner gave the information

Owner Brian Engberg of this cafe posted on Facebook its old photos and told that the world's most expensive vodka has been stolen from his cafe. Kaif Owner wrote, late-night someone stole the café's keys and stole this vodka bottle. I borrowed it from a Russian businessman who had no insurance.

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